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"Hands-on" Educational and Learning Adventures Kinder Tour

Dentist Dr. Andrew Madej and Dentist Dr. William Vu, Hygienists and operational staff of Foothills Dental opened their doors to “hands-on” educational and learning adventures on June 11 and 16. The two day program encompassed oral hygiene and a variety of familiarity procedures to help the Kindergarten Classes from St. Gregory Catholic School understand what the vast dental field is all about.

The group of over forty students were treated to a unique and personalized experience of basic dentistry and a whole lot of fun, combined with the importance of learning.  “We encourage all individuals, whether the age is 6 years old or 106, to ask questions about their dental health and education. It’s important to us that everyone feels informed and gratified” says Dr.  William Vu. 

The students were involved with several workshops which touched on main dental topics.  There was a station on oral hygiene, proper brushing & flossing techniques and the importance of regular dental visits.  Another station informed the students of what a dental hygienist does and some of the fun tools that are used such as the suction, air water syringe and polishing drills.  There was a workshop on the vital role of a dental assistant in the dental team and an introduction on some of the dental procedures.  There was a station that allowed students to go on chair rides and explained what radiographs were.  Another workshop allowed students to practice placing filings on sample teeth. 

Stephenie Robinson from the Foothills Dental team mentioned that “The two day event was well organized and the effort by the staff and Ms. Cross was amazing. We wanted the children to have fun while learning about these things. It was fun for us too!”

“It is very important to the entire team at Foothills Dental to give back to the wonderful Hinton community through donations, sponsorships, education and volunteer activities.  We enjoy being involved and active in the community” says Dr. Andrew Madej.

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